1991 – Start of multi-party talks. De Klerk repeals remaining apartheid laws, international sanctions lifted. Major fighting between ANC and Zulu Inkatha movement.


The KwaZulu-Natal: a target towards the rainbow?
Gouache on 1/1.000.000 aeronautical map (58X78 cm)

Uncertainties are strong in South Africa at the eve of advent of the Rainbow Nation [checked pattern with uncompleted colours]. A civil war broke out between anti-apartheid activists (ANC and UDF) and the traditionalist and pro-Bantustans Inkatha militia [AK 47 target centred on Durban city]. Lesotho, small country enclaved in South Africa appears like a refuge [black patch].

1993 – Agreement on interim constitution.


Port Shepstone: A scattered rainbow?
Gouache and acrylic on 1/50.000 topographical map (59X77 cm)

Political situation is still very tense at the eve of first democratic multiracial elections in 1994. First abolitions of racial laws are facilitating the creation of territories opened to everybody [colourful slivers of territories] while other areas are always marked by the ‘scars’ of the past [black and grey slivers]. The original topographical map gives an illustration of the great variety of ‘racial landscapes’ [sections of original map].