A Painted Geography of South Africa

Discover the historical geography of South Africa through 4 chapters of painted maps !


The Good Hope Flag
Mapping collage on South African flag (55X75 cm)

I present here a set of painted maps, at different scales (from 1/50.000 to 1/1.000.000) originally representing small areas or larger regions of South Africa, mainly in the KwaZulu-Natal Province – and surroundings- in South Africa. Each map has been artistically transformed using painting to express, illuminate, exaggerate or even travesty key spatial mapping patterns. I am using the colours to tell the territorial evolution of South Africa from a racial geography -based on skin-colour segregation- to a so-called “rainbow-nation”.

Being in the same time geographer and artist, I have recycled the maps used for my PhD thesis 13 years ago, to give them new dimensions and significations. This work tells a lot about history, geography, and suggests scenarios and even utopias. Sometimes the painted representation reverses the effects of segregation and sometimes reinforces it. It shows the abjectness of colonial and apartheid geographical imposition, and provides critical readings for the future.

Art work is made by geographer and artist Sylvain Guyot.

Visit his web page here : https://peinturesylvainguyot.wordpress.com/

All maps are for sale.  Download free catalogue here  : ARTLAS_sylvainguyot

Contact : artmapsouthafrica@yahoo.fr